Metal Forge Radio is an Extreme Metal streaming radio that's playable from your favorite media player.

Extreme Metal for the pure Metalhead - Metal Forge Radio focuses on extreme metal throughout 30+ years of evolution, from demos and debuts to the more recent, and sticks to more of the core Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, Grindcore and familiar offshoots. MFR focuses on musicianship and quality.

HOW TO CONNECT: Click the RED 'Click Here' link, and if it pops up a box, choose to Open it with a media player program. If you don't have one, read the information after the red "Click Here."


Windows Computer
Click Here to open into media player for Windows.
Here are some media player programs to choose from that can stream and play Metal Forge Radio in Windows: Winamp VLC Player RealPlayer UMPlayer
Windows Media Player works ok but it's not my first choice, however you need the Orban aacPlus plug-in to stream the broadcast. Also, in order to see artist/album/song titles in the player, in Windows Media Player you must:

go to: Play > Captions and Subtitles > On (if Available)

Mac Computer
Click Here
and open into iTunes

Android Phone
download the RADYO app for FREE at

go into the app and go to custom stations and add in Metal Forge Radio,

Download the Winamp/Shoutcast app and search for Metal Forge Radio and save it to favorites.

download the RADYO app for iPhone at your media player disconnects for some reason, seems the best way is to close your media player, and open it again from the Metal Forge Radio webpage.

Download the Winamp/Shoutcast app from
the apple store.

Windows Phone
Download the RADYO app from the windows phone store.
Go into the app and go to custom stations and add in Metal Forge Radio,

New Feature!
Weekends are frequently 'play by the album'. If you have a request of what you want to hear, any day of the week even, e-mail me at at least a day in advance. If I don't have what you want, I'm sure I can find something you like.

Listener Advisory. Extreme Metal is full of lyrical content that is not suitable for children and the faint of heart, and definitely the extremely religious. Most metalheads understand this, but this disclaimer still has to be said. The music played on Metal Forge Radio, especially death metal and black metal contains lyrics of foul language, violence, gore, Satanism, Occult themes, anti-Christian themes and sentiment. Metal Forge Radio is not for everyone. These themes are very much typical of Extreme Metal and those that listen understand this and do not take these themes to heart - this music like anything else is entertainment, ear candy with a badass sound and awesome musicianship. That's all.

I would like to mention the boundaries I do not want to cross: I avoid Extreme Heavy Metal that is all growls and empty riffs and no lyrical progression. That stuff is just silly and stupid. I avoid music that is very sexual in nature, and I also avoid music that has lyrical contents of sex and torture. I will avoid these as much as humanly possible and no amount of begging will change my decision. Also, before any group is placed on the playlist, the music is screened before broadcast.

Thank you and enjoy Metal Forge Radio

Sunday, December 7, 2014

MFR will be down Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th

MFR will be down from Friday the 12th of December to Saturday the 13th. At very worst, it will be back up sometime on Sunday. My wife and I are moving to a new place and we have to have our TV and Internet setup in the new place.

Thank you for your listenership and your patience.

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